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How GetCents Works

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Refer Your Friends

Choose from 400+ brands, with more being added every day
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Your Friend Buys

Your friend makes a verified purchase through your GetCents referral
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You Both Get Paid

You AND your friend get cash deposited directly in your PayPal accounts.
No memberships, no gift cards, no points, no coupons.

Why GetCents?

What makes GetCents special

GetCents Works For You

You can make a little, or make a lot. The amount you can earn is only limited by the number of referrals you make.

Complete Control

You choose which friends you send referrals to and the messages you share with them. Brands cannot contact you or your friends through GetCents.

Total Transparency

When you’ve decided you’ve made too much money and don’t want any more, you can easily opt-out from all marketing.